Koichiro Takagi | 高木耕一郎


東京で生まれ、San Franciscoのアートスクールで様々な素材を学び、しばらくNYを制作拠点にした後に帰国した高木はペインティングから刺繍まで作風の幅は広い。しかし幅広い表現方法において一貫して言えるのは彼の作品はある種の居心地の悪さや矛盾を内包しており、モチーフに「人」がほとんど出て来ることがないことである。


国内外の企画展やグループ展の参加や個展開催で画家として精力的な活動し、BEAMS、PORTERやPaul Smithなどのアパレルブランドへのデザイン提供やコラボレーションも多く行っている。NY Timesなど国内外のメデイアにも紹介されている。

Koichiro Takagi

Koichiro Takagi is a Japanese artist, making artworks on the theme, "uncomfortableness".
He creates the bright colored mystic world by distorting and patchworking of the present and the past, the reality and the fantasy.

Koichiro Takagi learned silk-screen printing in San Francisco then he moved to New York after graduation from school, and started his career as a painter.
Enjoying quite different atmosphere from both the east and west coast of the U.S.A., he has been produced a lot of artworks.
In mid 2005 he jumped back to his hometown, Tokyo. He joins many group exhibitions as well as holds some solo exhibitions. He is proficient in graphical design such as Illustration and stenciled spraypainting. Koichiro's designs have been applied to Paul Smith, Beams and others.

::Solo Exhibition::

"Romantic Ideal" Gallery Target, Tokyo, Japan

"Pink Pepper" Galerie Agathe Helion & CLEAR, Paris, France

"Boys Stitches Club" Tokyo Hipsters Club, Tokyo, Japan

"Paint it Black" No.12 gallery, Tokyo, Japan

"Holy Property" Paul Smith Space, Tokyo, Japan

"echo" BEAMS café, Kobe, Japan

"a STATE OF GOLD" Mirai gallery, Tokyo, Japan

"Old Fellow" Ojiyan Café, Tokyo, Japan

"Welcome Back!" No,12Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

"Mercury Bargain" Pink Pony, Los Angels, CA

"kid in the gloomy forest", Phoebe's, Brooklyn, NY

"insecurity in security" Bush gallety, San Francisco, CA

::Group Exhibion::

"ART CONTEMPORAIN JAPONAIS" Galerie Agathe Helion & CLEAR, Paris, France

"CUTLOG contemporary art fair" Bourse du Commerce, Paris, France

"CUTLOG contemporary art fair" Bourse du Commerce, Paris, France

"Piggy Bank Collection" ISETAN Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Concrete Hermit At The Conran Shop" The Conran shop, Tokyo, Japan

"BETTER DAYS" No.12 gallery, Tokyo, Japan

"NYConnection" Gallery Target, Tokyo, Japan

"The Wurstminster Dog Show" Wurst Gallery/Ace Hotel, Portland, OR

ELLE present "みんなのアート(art for everybody)" L'ECLAIREUR, Tokyo, Japan

ELLE presents "ELLE LOVES ART" Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

"Art Jam2005" Kyoto Museum、kyouyo, Japam

"Vintage Vandals" Wurst Gallery, www.thewurstgallery.com

"Look Closer" About Glamouor, Brooklyn, NY

"Summer Printing Pool" Rocket Gallery, Tokyo,Japan"

55DSL/8.5x11 presents "Two Steps Back" traveling art show
KINZON, Berlin Germany (Jul. 2004)
Vinyl Factory, London UK (Sept. 2004)
Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona Spain (Sept. 2004)
La Palma Club, Roma Italy (Sept. 2004)
Espace 07, Paris France (Sept. 2004)
Hotel Claska, , Tokyo (Oct. 2004)
Superstudio Piu, Milan Italy (Dec. 2004)
Spin Gallery, Toronto Canada (Mar. 2005)

"Texas Soap" 2 persons show, About Glamour, Brooklyn, NY

"SLON de EXPACE" Transplant Gallery, New York, NY

"Group Show" Max Fish, New York , NY

"Up Our Sleeve" traveling art show
55 DSL Gallery, San Diego (Sept. 2003)
Designer & Agents, Los Angeles (Nov. 2003)
Rocket Gallery, Tokyo (Nov. 2003)
Conquest, Kyoto (Nov. 2003)
Vooruit, Ghent Belgium (Feb. 2004)
Tommy'z, Amsterdam Holland (Feb. 2004)
Inshallah Gallery, Los Angeles (Jun. 2004)
Vooruit, Ghent Belgium (Jul. 2004)
Aurora Gallery, New York (Oct. 2004

"1000 night of Drawings" Artist Space, New York, NY

"Harvest Moon" CB's Callery/CBGB, New York, NY

"Mastermind" juried show, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA